Top 5 Fun Facts About Son Goku – Dragon Ball

Top 5 Fun Facts About Son Goku – Dragon Ball

“Dragon Ball” and “Dragon Ball Z” were, of course, two of the most famous manga and anime series of all time. We know there are a lot of us who are huge fans of these shows and the main character, Son Goku. As a result, we've decided to write an article with some fun facts about this character that DBZ fans can find both fascinating and engaging. Here are a few as of 2021

#1 Goku is afraid of needles.

It's amusing to see Goku freak out when he sees needles. I recall a scene where Goku declined to enter the hospital planet because he was afraid a doctor might attempt to administer a shot to him. This demonstrates that Goku, despite being a grown, strong, and powerful protagonist, has adorable child-like aspects to his personality.

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#2 Goku's signature pass, 'Kamehameha,' translates to 'Turtle Destructive Waves.' 

The first energy attack in the Dragon Ball series is Kamehameha. The Kamehameha is Goku's trademark technique and the most commonly used finishing attack in the Dragon Ball game. The Turtle School's students use it as a signature attack.The word Kamehameha appears to be derived from King Kamehameha of Hawaii; however, this is not the case; Kamehameha is a term for something along the lines of "Turtle Destructive Wave," or something similar. That is why Kamehameha means Turtle... Wave. But, since it kills everything in its way, it is more likely to be called "Turtle Destruction Wave."

#3 Goku has only destroyed two villains in the entire Dragon Ball Z series... Kid Buu and Yakon! 

Almost every Dragon Ball tale revolves around waiting for Goku to join the fray and knock out the big bad, but it's easy to forget that the series' main character rarely kills his foes. Frieza sliced Goku's goofy ass in two, and Goku let it happen (while Future Trunks defeated Frieza in his Cyborg form), Cell then pressed the self-destruct button. The truth remains that Goku only kills two people in Dragon Ball Z. Both of these occurrences occurred during the Majin Buu arc. The first was Yakon, a low-level miniboss with an energy-depleting gimmick. All Goku had to do was overload him, like flexing to pop a pesky mosquito's bloody bowels.

The second was Kid Buu, the Majin Buu Saga's pure form. Goku's only goal was to make a Spirit Bomb out of the freely provided energy of the citizens of Earth and throw it at Kid Buu. Kid Buu's body disintegrated into nothing after being overwhelmed by the Spirit Bomb. This was the only time the Spirit Bomb was useful for anything other than padding the episode count.

#4 The 9th of May is designated as “Goku Day” in Japan. 

Japan is fantastic! The Japan Anniversary Association has declared May 9th to be Goku Day. In Japanese, the numbers 5 and 9 are written as “Go” and “Ku,” respectively (). The Japan Anniversary Association proclaimed May 9th to be “Goku Day” in 2015.Toei, a film distributor, had applied to the association to have Goku Day declared.

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#5 Goku has participated in six World Martial Arts Tournaments, only winning once! 

The World Martial Arts Competition began as a festival held at the temple that now serves as the tournament grounds several years ago. The tournament was initially held every five years, but after the 21st World Tournament, it was changed to every three years, despite his presence in a number of previous and subsequent events. This is the first tournament in which the winner decides the Earth's destiny. In fact, since the entire area was vaporized during the war, everything had to be rebuilt from the ground up after the tournament.


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