Studio Ghibli Reveals The Secret Behind Their Delectably Tempting Animated Food

Studio Ghibli Reveals The Secret Behind Their Delectably Tempting Animated Food

Studio Ghibli's universe is a beautiful location, and nothing exemplifies this more than the food. Food is a major trademark of the production house, appearing in almost every Ghibli film ever produced and even inspiring its own exhibition at the Ghibli Museum in 2017. (and some yummy, ASMR-friendly TikTok accounts). But what is it about the animatronic bento, onigiri, or demon-cooked fried breakfast that makes it so unique? Well, the studio has just revealed why food is so important in their films and why it looks so amazing.

Studio Ghibli films are known for their delectable foods and cuisines. Fans salivate over the deliciously realistic-looking onigiris, bento boxes, and even demon-cooked fried breakfast in nearly every cartoon film from the Japanese animation studio.

If you've seen some of Studio Ghibli's films, you'll notice that all of the foods are well-made and attractively decorated, making you want to eat them right away. Finally, we understand why the food in Studio Ghibli's animated films is so appealing.

The trick to make their foods look so appealing and tasty has finally been revealed by the studio. Producer Toshio Suzuki disclosed in a recent Twitter AMA that each food choice shown on screen, whether it's the herring pie, cookies, ramen, or even Ponyo's delectable honey milk, is inspired by the delicious meals long-time founder and animator Hayao Miyazaki has had.

Toshio responded to a fan's translated query about why the food in Ghibli films still looked so good, by explaining that Miyazaki prepares all of the dishes himself.

Answering a fan's query, "Why does all the food in Studio Ghibli movies still look so delicious?" Toshio plainly replied, "It's because all of the food is made by Miyazaki himself." Spirited Away and Kiki's Delivery Service have made us ever more hungry for literary classics.

It should come as no surprise that food has always been a priority for Studio Ghibli, to the point where the studio curated an exhibition named "Delicious!" in 2017. Animated Memorable Meals!” which looked at how the company's animations use food to convey excitement and enjoyment in their films. “Achieving dramatic effect and making delicious-looking meals and characters consuming them – their faces and movements – comes from the influence of finely crafted drawing,” according to the exhibit's website. Food that is still sweet, that appears soft and delicate, and that has a beautiful taste that is visible on the faces of those who are enjoying it – these are appealing and delightful scenes of meals. To express deliciousness and pleasure, no dialogue is required.”

Food has always played an important role in Studio Ghibli's fantasy universe, so much so that the 2017 show (titled Delicious! Animating Memorable Meals!) focused on how meals were used to connote pleasure, satisfaction, and sentiment in the studio's history.

“Food that is still warm, that looks soft and tender, with the wonderful flavour showing on the faces of those eating them — these scenes of meals are appealing and charming,” the exhibition’s website proclaimed. “No dialogue is needed to convey deliciousness and happiness.” Agreed tbh.

When you think about it, it's only natural that the meals in Ghibli films come straight from Hayao's kitchen. Studio Ghibli films are reassuring and obviously a labor of love, just like a healthy meal prepared with care and dedication in the kitchen of someone who goes to great lengths to get it just right. Anyone up for a dinner party at Miyazaki's house until the pandemic is over?

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