Star Wars Day Rumor Suggests Disney Plus Has A Big Surprise For You

Star Wars Day Rumor Suggests Disney Plus Has A Big Surprise For You

The Star Wars Opening Crawl Originally Said This

That black screen with the blue words "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..." and then the Star Wars logo draws back and we get the opening crawl of A New Hope is one of the most classic moments in science fiction cinema. It's been aped and spoofed, but it's also associated with the beloved space opera. A step borrowed from George Lucas' youth serials that influenced the films, it's been aped and spoofed, but it's also synonymous with the beloved space opera. And it was nearly unrecognizable.

What appears in the 1977 film is the work of Lucas and Brian De Palma, who assisted in the editing of the original text. A series of rare and behind-the-scenes Star Wars images can be found on Imgur, including one that displays a page from the original script of the first attempt at the crawl. You can check it out for yourself here:

In the galaxy, civil wars are raging. The GALACTIC EMPIRE's tyranny and injustice have been confronted by a bold alliance of secret freedom fighters.

Rebel spaceships have secured their first victory in a war with the mighty Imperial Starfleet, striking from a stronghold concealed amid the billions of stars of the galaxy. The EMPIRE is afraid that another failure will enlist the help of a thousand more planetary systems, and Imperial domination of the galaxy will be lost forever.

The EMPIRE is building a dark new war station to put an end to the uprising once and for all. Its completion spells definite death for the defenders of democracy, as it is powerful enough to kill an entire world.

Star Wars: Detours is rumored to finally see the light of day

In the aftermath of their profitable specials about a galaxy far, far away, the makers of Robot Chicken were planning on an animated Star Wars comedy series when Disney purchased Lucasfilm in 2012. Unfortunately, the program was never broadcast and was regarded as lost to time after Disney acquired Star Wars and proceeded with the sequel trilogy.

Star Wars: Detours was the name of the film, and according to a recent rumor, it will be returning to Disney Plus in its entirety very soon. Seth MacFarlane, Seth Green, and Dee Bradley Baker, among others, provided voice work for the film, which was intended to be a humorous take on what happened in the prequel and original trilogies.

According to the Vulcan Reporter, Detours will be released on Disney Plus, with the original run of 39 finished episodes being extended to nearly 52 episodes, including several specials. According to the source, it'll be released as a surprise on May 4, 2021, which is Star Wars Day, a notable date on the calendar that Disney Plus commemorated last year by releasing The Rise of Skywalker on the service.

It was announced in 2018 that new patent applications for Star Wars Detours had been filed.

We contacted Disney Plus's UK PR department to see if there was any official response to the story, which should be treated as rumor for the time being. If we get a response, we'll let you know.

An easy win for Disney?

Though it was obvious that the show had made significant strides at Lucasfilm, Disney had its own justification for canceling Detours. Star Wars parodies were big business at the moment, with animated shows like Family Guy and Robot Chicken both making three different Star Wars parodies – and Lucasfilm seemed to enjoy them, with George Lucas voicing himself in Robot Chicken's first special.

Now, Disney seems to be looking a bit harder about other material in its stable – the 2D Clone Wars collection, as well as other cryptic Star Wars-themed oddities, re-emerged on the service earlier this month. Detours, on the other hand, will be a whole different story – this is a presentation that no one has ever seen before.

It's worth noting that Lucasfilm has already announced intentions to celebrate Star Wars Day in 2021, with the debut of the animated series The Bad Batch.

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