Some Facts About Hunter X Hunter That You Possibly Didn’t Know!

Some Facts About Hunter X Hunter That You Possibly Didn’t Know!

I guess the waiting period between two seasons of one of their favorite anime series is a pain that every weeb can relate to, particularly if the anime is taking like 7 years and counting to release its next season! Yes, indeed. I'm sure most of you are familiar with the anime I'm referring to.

Hunter X Hunter, one of the most famous anime series written by Yoshihiro Togashi, is working hard to teach its fans the value of patience. I'm not kidding when I say that the series' most recent animation was released in September 2014, and fans are still waiting for the story to conclude. Yoshihiro cannot be blamed for that as he also has to take care of this health which is one of the major reasons why the story is taking so many breaks.

Well, the point is that fans are doing everything they can to remain linked to the series, from re-watching the 1999 and 2011 versions to reading the manga itself, so we figured we'd pitch in. So here are 7 fascinating facts about Hunter X Hunter that will undoubtedly fascinate you, allowing you to keep up with the anime before the next season is out.

The special birthdays

Yes, Yoshihiro clearly thought a lot about his characters and their backstories. Even the four main characters' birthdays, as well as Hisoka's, have a birth date that is important to the character or their personality traits! Gon's birthday is March 5th, which is also known as Children's Day, and Killua's birthday is July 7th, which is a well-known festival with a protagonist who looks a lot like Killua!

Gon and Yusuke

Gon from HxH and Yusuke from Yu Yu Hakusho can resemble each other in some ways. This is since both series are written by Yoshihiro, and it is thought that the main characters of HxH inherited character characteristics from the anime Yu Yu Hakusho. The resemblance between Gon and Yusuke is one of the most obvious examples.

Live musical performance!

Please remind me why we adore Japan. Obviously, because of these obvious causes! Two live musical performances based on the original series have taken place! Japan really understands how to keep its anime fans happy!

Hunter X Hunter language

Yes, indeed! The language in the anime wasn't just any random designs; it was actually understandable! They developed the anime's language, which can easily be translated into Japanese and then into English. To put it another way, Hunter X Hunter has its own language!

Dwun’s room

Remember Dwun's room from the end of the Greed Island story arc? Can you believe me if I tell you that the state of that room was a direct reference to Yoshihiro's room when he was playing Dragon Quest?

Heaven’s Arena

Every Hunter X Hunter fan has had the experience of thinking Heaven's Arena resembled the world's tallest structure, the Burj Khalifa. If you thought the same, you were right because it was built on that structure. Have you ever heard of the word "inspiration"?

Gon’s outfit

Well, it's safe to assume that Gon adores his outfit because the only time he changed it in the entire series was during the Greed Island arc when he actually had to remove his jacket! On the other hand, Killua is a completely different story!

So, those were some of the interesting facts about the anime series; we pray that God gives us the strength to wait for the next season; in the meantime, read them and discuss them with your friends; it might help you to cooperate. Let us know which reality piqued your interest the most.


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