Saitama's 10 Best Fights From The Anime One-Punch Guy

Saitama's 10 Best Fights From The Anime One-Punch Guy

Saitama is an extremely overpowered hero in the One-Punch Man universe, but he's still had some notable fights.

Even though the Hero Association is concerned about Saitama's true strength level, as a B-Class Hero in One-Punch Guy, he is not supposed to engage in any serious combat. That said, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks because Caped Baldy is the most powerful superhero on the planet, at least as far as the story has progressed.

It's a surprisingly easy job to rank his best battles, whether they're from the anime or not. The ones chosen are based on how they help advance the plot in a more or less cogent direction, rather than on irrelevant features such as spectacle (there are plenty of those). However, from Saitama's viewpoint, almost none of these fights matter because they all end at the same time.

Vs. Vaccine Man

The first battle in the series takes place between Saitama and the giant purple beast known as Vaccine Man. The villain easily defeats Lightning Max and Smile Guy, who can't even come close to his level of power.

When Saitama appears, however, Vaccine Man becomes enraged, as the hero is unconcerned about his pollution-related backstory and launches an assault. Nobody is surprised by the result.

Vs. Mosquito Girl

Saitama chases down a mosquito, but none of his techniques, no matter how powerful, have any impact. Mosquito Girl, who appears to be winning against Genos, is later revealed to be the villain responsible for the swarm (a previously unknown character).

Luckily for Saitama, the increased size of the target makes the battle a lot easier, and he basically swats her into oblivion. This begins the phase of Genos' limitless admiration for his Sensei.

Vs. Speed-O'-Sound Sonic

When a shadow unexpectedly pounces on Saitama, he's completely unconcerned. Speed-o'-Sound is a term used to describe how fast something is moving. Sonic immediately categorizes Caped Baldy as a paradiser, but none of his techniques seem to have any impact.

He unleashes his classic Wind Blade Kick, which would have failed even if Saitama hadn't hit the bad ninja in the groin. Sonic threatens to exact retaliation for this heinous provocation, but as we all know, this never happens.

Vs. Geryuganshoop

Saitama runs around the Dark Matter Thieves' spacecraft, piercing the security measures as though they were made of paper, searching for whoever is involved in the invasion. Groribas is destroyed, and Geryuganshoop is alerted to his presence.

The monster boasts that he is the world's greatest telekinetic force, and he employs the Gravitational Wave technique, which Saitama is unfazed by. The debris shower has no impact, but it helps the hero to destroy Geryuganshoop by splitting him in half with a pebble.

Vs. Subterranean King

Despite the fact that it never happens in real life, this sequence is definitely one of the most impressive fights in the film. Saitama is attacked by a group of Subterranean creatures, but he proves that he is more than a match for all of them combined.

Finally, he confronts the Subterranean King, who haughtily declares that the real war has yet to begin, thrilling his adversary beyond anything he has ever seen. Then Saitama's alarm goes off.

Vs. Garou

Garou has defeated a slew of superheroes by this point, giving him a false sense of confidence in his own abilities. He begins searching for someone else to humiliate after his joint loss of Golden Ball and Spring Mustachio, which is when he sees Saitama looking for a wig (to masquerade as Charanko).

Garou slams him into the mud with such intensity, but his answer — a glorious downward chop — results in a complete and absolute K.O. The best thing is that when Garou comes to, he has no recollection about what happened to him.

Vs. Deep Sea King

Saitama takes a little too long to get to the action, where Genos and Mumen Rider have already been vanquished by the Deep Sea King, who has beaten one to a bloody pulp and disemboweled the electronics from the other. Caped Baldy, understandably, exclaims that he'd rather finish it quickly so he can get out of the pouring rain.

The Deep Sea King acquiesces with an earth-shattering punch after being interrupted in the middle of his grandiose speech; however, Saitama simply bores a hole in the creature's abdomen without blinking.

Vs. Carnage Kabuto

Genos and Saitama discover the scientist Dr. genus and his greatest invention, Carnage Kabuto, in the House of Evolution mini-arc. The protagonist discovers the key to his control in this scene (a three-year daily regimen of a hundred sit-ups, squats, and push-ups, followed by a six-mile run).

The monster goes into "berserk" mode, which is expected to last until next Saturday, reminding Saitama that he will be missing out on a great deal at the local supermarket. Before Genos calms him down, he freaks out even more than he did after murdering Carnage Kabuto.

Vs. Genos

Genos begs Saitama to battle him in a friendly fight so he can see the full extent of his sensei's strength. Nothing works, not even the Demon Cyborg's Incineration Cannons, owing to his inability to even reach his master.

Saitama feints behind Genos at one point, declaring his victory, but his adversary isn't ready to give up just yet. That is, before Caped Baldy unleashes his infamous "Death Punch," which uses only the produced wind force to vaporize an entire mountain range.

Vs. Boros

According to Saitama, Boros is the most impressive of all the fighters he has faced so far because only the "Dominator of the Universe" has been able to compel him to reveal his Consecutive Normal Punches as well as his most powerful arsenal, the Serious Series: Serious Punch.

Half of the cloud layer in the atmosphere is destroyed by the latter. The villain's Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon is destroyed, leaving only a shattered Boros, who is relieved to have finally met his match.

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