Sailor Moon: 10 Best Dressed Characters

Sailor Moon: 10 Best Dressed Characters

Although some of the styles, such as Rei's pink overalls, are distinctly '90s, others are simply timeless. These fabulous looks can inspire some modern fans.

Sailor Moon, as a 90s icon, wore a wide range of costumes and fashions. Although some are simply timeless looks, such as Rei's pink overalls, Ami's headbands, or even Usagi's occasional skort, others are clearly iconic looks that were common at the time. Also the most out-of-date fashions have a place in the spotlight.

Many of the characters in the series have worn iconic and charming outfits that viewers still recall. Some were made for individual incarnations, while others were inspired by manga. In reality, the same outfit can appear multiple times in a manga or anime, each time leaving a different impression on viewers.

Mamoru Cuts A Fine Figure In A Tuxedo

With his purple pants and jogging outfits, the 1990s anime tried to portray Mamoru as a bad guy, but this was not the case in the original manga (where he was usually seen in his school uniform and reading glasses.)

When he's first introduced, he's dressed up in a tuxedo and shades, and he cuts quite an impressive figure. When wearing a tuxedo and something covering his eyes in public which appear to be a little on the nose, the outfit is simply suggested to be part of his Tuxedo Mask costume. Of course, his tuxedo is either a dinner jacket or a white tie evening gown, not a true tuxedo, but changing a name is difficult.

  • Even Setsuna Has Her Little Black Dress
  • Sailor Pluto may not have much of a social life as the Guardian of Space and Time, but she is surprisingly fashion conscious. She wants to be a fashion designer and is a competent seamstress, according to supplementary content (not that this ever pops up in the series.)

    Setsuna has also featured in sketches wearing trendy dresses worn by real-life models. She can be seen, for example, in an elegant black gown inspired by Naomi Campbell's work. Setsuna's favorite color is black, which she wears in her princess gown and sailor fuku.

    Michiru Pulls Off Different Shades Of Green

    Green is a color synonymous with the sea, and it naturally matches Sailor Neptune, the Sailor Scout of the Sea. In the 1990s anime, she favored blue, but in Sailor Moon Crystal, she wears a lovely seafoam-colored ensemble.

    The dress is also finished off with a green sash. She often wears a headband with it, depending on the scene.

    Haruka's Leather Jacket Lets You Know She's The Boss

    Haruka's most popular outfit among fans tends to be the white dress she wears with a black vest and neckerchief in the manga and Sailor Moon Crystal. A black leather jacket with a matching miniskirt, matched with a white top and black boots, seems to flatter her and represent her personality a little better.

    It's more mature, reflecting her position as the Outer Senshi's chief, and her love of black leather ties in with her passion for racing and going as fast as the wind. She isn't known as the Wind's Sailor Scout for nothing.

    Hotaru Looks Ready For Her Photoshoot

    Hotaru is known for her black outfits, but they don't really suit her personality other than to give her an elegant look. Despite this, she looks good in dark colors because of her light skin and dark hair. Her top, which has a wide white collar, is one of her better looks.

    She famously wears this outfit when getting her picture taken in the anime. The jacket's color shifts between black, blue, and green depending on the lighting, and her top underneath is purple, her signature color. She often wears a red hat with the look, but it's not necessary.

    Minako Is Charming In Her Rainbow Outfit

    Minako's signature color is orange, but she rarely wears it. Her princess gown is also gold. She also didn't wear it very much as Sailor V. Her red bow is her most recognizable piece of clothing.

     A multicolored ensemble she wears in the early episodes, with a green skirt, purple top, burgundy jacket, and even a touch of orange at the collar, complete with her signature red bow, is one of her most charming looks. It's only natural for her to pull off the whole rainbow as the Sailor Scout of Light.

    Ami's Blue Vest & Choker Combo Makes For The Perfect Outfit To Study In

    Ami's signature color is blue, which can be seen in her vest as well as her blouse, which is a lighter shade of blue that could be mistaken for white. She wears it with an orange skirt and a charming collar choker. The skirt takes on a more flattering red in several scenes.

    The outfit is ideal for days where she can't decide whether to study at the library or at home, which means this summery ensemble is ideally reserved for days when school and cram school are not in session.

    Rei Is On Fire In Her Little Red Dress

    Rei Hino places a high value on appearances. As Sailor Mars, she also wears pumps. She can wear more mature outfits, such as long coats and long skirts, but she can also be girly, wearing crop-tops or those notorious pink overalls.

    Her signature color as the Sailor Scout of Fire and Mars is red, which she incorporates into many of her outfits. She appears in all of her crimson glory in a little red dress she wears in later episodes.

    Makoto's Mini-Dress & Green Top Really Flatter Her Figure

    Makoto wears this outfit during the famous scene in which the girls argue over who should play the lead in a Snow White production. Because of her ample figure, Mako suggests she play the princess, which the English dub famously changed to her having the most "talent."

    A pale mini-dress and a light green top make up the ensemble. This is, without a doubt, an outfit that improves with age. The bright green is made a much more flattering mint color in less preserved versions of the episode. Furthermore, the dress has pockets in some scenes, making it both functional and fashionable.

    Usagi's Princess Disguise Is Even Prettier Than Her Actual Princess Dress

    Usagi has an edge over the other girls when it comes to looking her best, thanks to her magical pen that allows her to turn into something. Usagi uses the pen to disguise herself as a princess while breaking into Princess D's ball, and the dress has appeared in various continuity.

    The dress in the 1990s anime is light purple and adorned with red roses. It's also one of the few occasions in the 1990s anime that Usagi is seen wearing lipstick, giving her an elegant, ladylike look. The dress is recolored hot pink, which suits Usagi's personality but makes it seem childish, and the flowers are white and less prominent in Sailor Moon Crystal. Usagi is also given a tiara in the original manga and Crystal, which makes sense given her disguise and also hints at the fact that she is a princess. Nonetheless, all three are better than the live-action version, which substituted a bear suit.

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