Naruto: 10 Characters That Could've Made A Big Difference

Naruto: 10 Characters That Could've Made A Big Difference

While Naruto is able to achieve his dream of becoming Hokage, some are not so fortunate. There are a few characters in Naruto who didn't get the chance to reach their full potential. Naruto's story is set during a time of war and suffering, and while many characters wish for peace, the villages are held back by the pain of the past.

There are many characters whose lives were sadly cut short as a result of the relentless combat, and there are others who died before reaching the rank they should have attained. While Naruto is able to achieve his dream of becoming Hokage, some are not so fortunate.

Rin Nohara: She Died At An Incredibly Young Age

Rin was a member of Minato's Team. She was a peacemaker and a healer. She rose to the rank of chunin at a relatively young age. She was captured and forcefully transformed into a jinchuriki while on a quest with Kakashi.

As soon as Rin returned, she'd have no choice but to attack Konoha. She chose to die rather than live in order to defend the village. Although she died a hero, she also died at a young age, never having the opportunity to realize her ambitions or dreams.

Haku- He Never Pursued His Own Goals

Haku was born in the Land of Water and was taught to be a shinobi by Zabuza. He was born with a strong kekkei genkai that enabled him to perform ice-related jutsu.

Haku was a gentle and kind man who gave his life to save the person he cared for the most. Even though he was a formidable warrior, he seemed uninterested in becoming a shinobi. He was never given the opportunity to fulfill his own ambitions.

Dan Kato: He Died Without Bringing About The Changes He Desired

Dan was a formidable shinobi who attained the rank of Jonin. Tsunade, his mother, was extremely close to him. Fighting had taken the lives of both he and Tsunade's younger siblings.

Dan began campaigning for improved medical access on the battlefield as a result of the deaths. He wanted to be Hokage when he grew up, so Tsunade gave him her grandfather's necklace as a good luck charm. Regrettably, he died before any of his visions could be realized.

Hizashi Hyuga: He Never Got To Live Outside Of His Family's Shadow

Hizashi was always overshadowed by his twin brother. As the younger of the Hyuga twins, he was also born into the branch family when he was born. In his home, he would be treated as if he were a servant.

He was never able to live a life apart from his duties, but he sacrificed his life to save his brother, leaving his only son alone. He was never able to see the Hyuga Clan's ultimate transformation. He was still trapped in the branch family throughout his life.

Asuma Sarutobi: He Never Achieved The Greatness Of His Father

Asuma was the Third Hokage's son. He was promoted to Jonin and given command of Team 10. Being the son of such a powerful ninja would have placed a lot of pressure on him when he was a child.

People may have pushed him to follow in his father's footsteps, even though he didn't agree with his father .He gave the opportunity to help raise his only daughter when he died.

Kushina Uzumaki: Her Death Robbed Her Of The Chance To Raise Her Son

Kushina was hand-picked by the Nine-Tails to be their next jinchuriki. She made it clear right away that she wanted to be the next Hokage. Anyone who doubted her was threatened by her ferocious temper.

She started to see a future with Minato after they married. She fantasized about the two of them establishing peace and starting a family together. Unfortunately, she died soon after giving birth to Naruto, and she never had the chance to raise her son in a happy nation.

Fugaku Uchiha: He Never Achieved Greatness Outside Of His Own Clan

 Fugaku rose to prominence within his own clan, but he had his eyes set on something greater. He was the Uchiha Clan's leader and also the commander of the Konoha Military Police.

 In his clan, he was well-liked and regarded as a viable candidate for the role of Hokage. Fugaku grew to despise the village's inhumane treatment of his clan.Under his leadership, the entire clan was slaughtered except for his two sons.

Obito Uchiha: His Hatred Warped Him Into Doing The Wrong Thing

Obito aspired to be Hokage and have a friendship with Rin, one of his teammates. Unfortunately, an accident on a mission led to the assumption that he had died. When he returned, he'd have to see the horrifying death of the girl he loved.

He quickly turned against everything he had once cherished. He'd cause a lot of trouble for the village, working to achieve the dreams of Madara Uchiha, the man who had rescued him. For Rin's sake, he should have worked for peace. While Obito was influential, he should have used his influence to positively shape the village.

  1. Neji Hyuga: He Died Before Putting Any Of His Incredible Talent To Use

Neji had a lot of potential when he was first presented. He was a gifted genius who displayed his exceptional ability during the Chunin Exams when he was introduced. Neji became the first ninja in his family to become a Jonin during the time jump.

He unfortunately died defending his friend against all of his promises. If his life hadn't ended so abruptly, he might have accomplished incredible things. He could have easily been Hokage with his abilities. He may have enacted reform within his own family as well.

  1. Itachi Uchiha: He Was Forced To Leave The Village Where His Contributions Were Forgotten

Itachi put in a lot of effort to keep his village and brother safe. He made many sacrifices in order to make the world a better place, but he did so in the darkness. The stuff he did were only known to a few people.

The people around him repeatedly stifled his greatness. He should have been Hokage and helped to reshape the village for the better. Regrettably, he was relegated to spying on the Akatsuki and never learned their most important secrets. He became engrossed in the events of the time and never realized his full potential.

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