Making Sense of the Tokyo Ghoul Villain's Complicated Plan With Furuta

Making Sense of the Tokyo Ghoul Villain's Complicated Plan With Furuta

What exactly happened to Tokyo Ghoul's big villain Nimura Furuta, and what did he mean to accomplish?

Tokyo Ghoul was one of the most successful anime series in 2014, lasting for several seasons before ending in 2018. Many viewers were puzzled by the events leading up to the series' end due to the hurried plot. The tale of the main villain Furuta Nimura was affected because some crucial details from the manga was not used in the anime.What exactly happened to him, and what did he mean to accomplish?

Nimura Furuta's real name is Kichimura Washuu, but he was born in the Furuta branch of the Washuu family as Souta Washuu-Furuta. Tsuneyoshi Washuu, the previous CCG chairman and V member, fathered him illegitimately. He spent his entire childhood with Rize in the sunlit garden managed by the organization V, having been born as a half-human in the Washuu clan. When I was a child, Furuta found that no one in the branch family lived beyond the age of 30. He realized that this was his destiny because of his bloodline, so he chose to live his life to the fullest.

Despite being raised almost as cattle to be used, Furuta found comfort in Rize and seemed to have romantic feelings for her. He assisted her in escaping the clan in order to give her a shot at a new life. Rize became infamous for her power and appetite as the years passed. Furuta managed to keep an eye on her by staying with the Washuu family. However, because of her outlandish conduct, As Rize threatens Kaneki, he decides to punish her by dropping a steel beam on her. Unbeknownst to them, this incident will have far-reaching consequences for the rest of their lives. Furuta created the individual who would fulfill his dream and put an end to his life by involving Kaneki.

Furuta penetrated many organisations in order to learn more about his adversaries and monitor their activities in order to achieve his objectives. As Nimura Furuta, he was a ghoul investigator, a member of the Clowns as Souta, and a participant in Professor Akihiro Kanou's experiments, which transformed him into a one-eyed ghoul..By slowly ridding himself of his enemies and merging his allies, V and Clowns, he finally decided to overthrow his father and kill him.

The CCG's assault on the Clowns is led by Furuta. The police discover that some of the masked people are humans during the siege. Furuta uses this knowledge to further direct hate at ghouls after assuming full power as the new manager. His first official order is to send a large number of Oggai to Kaneki and Toka's wedding. The ghouls are outmanned and in a bad position. Kaneki transforms into a dragon in order to defend Toka and their unborn child, saving the ghouls while destroying the city and killing hundreds of people in the process. Furuta is overjoyed because Kaneki's transformation is part of his master plan.

Ordinary humans are transformed into ghouls as a result of the chemicals secreted by the dragon mass. Ghoul creatures are also being born all over the city as a result of it. Furuta applauds this creation because he had predicted it all along. To meet this formidable foe, Furuta, the ghouls, and the rest of the CCG band together. Toka locates Kaneki, and both humans and ghouls work together to prevent more bloodshed. Kaneki discovers Furuta at the root of the dragon mass in the series' final combat. Despite his dominance, he is defeated by Kaneki and finally expresses himself. It is in the last moments of his life that he expresses his true desire to live a normal life.

Furuta will never live a normal life as a human with ghoul blood. He despised the fact that the blood in his veins stopped him from doing so. Anything Furuta did until the end was a form of retaliation against the system and family that had imprisoned him. What he'd said in jest was really his true feelings. That Furuta's response of "mega peace" was his wish for himself when Eto asked what he wanted. Knowing that would never happen, he did the only thing he could: he destroyed all that had made him and his condition, even though it meant his death.

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