JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Every Member Of La Squadra, Ranked By Strength

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Every Member Of La Squadra, Ranked By Strength

In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind, La Squadra was the villainous gang. The members are listed in order of their strength.

La Squadra was a gang of criminals out to usurp Diavolo, and one of the most powerful characters in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure act five, Golden Wind. Both of them possessed a distinct and sinister skill that marked them as valuable members of their team as well as their individual merits.

Bucciarati's entire party has been almost defeated by the criminals on many occasions. We gain a better understanding of Giorno's most dangerous adversaries and an appreciation for the tenacity required to overcome them by prioritizing La Squadra based on the power at their disposal.

Sorbet & Gelato Were Killed Before The Story Began

Sorbet and Gelato are often regarded as La Squadra's most mysterious and unknown members. This is for a good reason: they were murdered by Diavolo before the start of Golden Wind, forcing Risotto and his companions to seek vengeance.

Although little is known about their skills, considering how brutally and carefully Diavolo planned their demise, they were most likely unimpressive combatants. Their bodies were almost unrecognizably mutilated by the time they were returned to their mates.

Formaggio's Stand Was Powerful But Took Time To Have An Effect

With Formaggio's "Little Feet" Stand, he was able to shrink his targets down to the size of a bottle neck. He used this power against Narancia, forcing him to fight for his life and reducing his "Aerosmith's" abilities.

However, the villain's influence has significant disadvantages. Not only is his shrinking painfully slow, but he also has no natural defense mechanisms other than shrinking himself and hoping he goes unnoticed. This is, predictably, a risky gambit that could backfire if faced with astute adversaries.

Melone's stance is lethal, but it comes with a long list of requirements

Melone's "Baby Face" Stand has some of the most difficult requirements of any talent in the game. Not only must he find a suitable female partner, but her DNA sample must also be consistent with the villain's plans.

The Stand, on the other hand, is a force of nature if his requirements are met. It has the ability to transform its opponents into tiny cubes, allowing it to dice through Bucciarati's entire squad. Melone would have killed them if it hadn't been for Giorno's newfound ability to heal his comrades with Golden Wind.

  1. Illuso Could Separate Victims From Their Stands

He could use Illuso's Stand to pull goals into a "mirror dimension." They were unable to use their own strength to battle back once inside, resulting in a lopsided victory in his favor.

Man In The Mirror, on the other hand, has acknowledged that outside of his territory, he is missing and comparatively frail. This forces him to rely on deception and ambush tactics in order to succeed; however, once his prey has been delivered into his clutches, he can enjoy a secure victory.

Prosciutto Was A Decent Melee Fighter With A Wide-Ranging Ability

The "Grateful Dead" Stand by Prosciutto was both terrifying and useful. All in a surrounding radius will be reduced to withered husks as a result of exposure to a noxious fog. Direct melee combat with the villain will amplify this impact, making him nearly untouchable.

The Stand's strategy for avoiding cold goals, on the other hand, can be used against him, which Mista and Bucciarati can take advantage of. This significantly reduces the strength of what would otherwise be unbeatable.

Ghiaccio Balances Overwhelming Offense With An Impervious Suit Of Armor

The "White Album" of Ghiaccio was an impregnable suit of armor that could withstand most traditional attacks. He could also create a huge amount of frigid ice that would cause frostbite to anybody who came into contact with it, even though it was only for a few seconds.

Furthermore, the criminal perfected a formidable defense against ranged attacks by encasing himself in ice crystals that reflected all attacks. The breathing device in the Squadra member's armor is his only weakness, but it took hundreds of Mista's bullets hitting the same spot before it showed signs of being seriously hurt.Without Giorno's recently uncovered healing affinities, the two men would have died in their encounter.

Pesci Had One Of The Strongest Offensive Abilities In The Entire Series

Pesci's "Beach Boy" Stand had limitless destructive potential, far outshining his brother's Grateful Dead, as Prosciutto himself stressed. He could gouge the hearts of his enemies by castingling out his hook and passing through armor and natural barriers.

This allowed Pesci to kill almost everyone in a moment, making him one of the series' most powerful offensive Stand users. His only weakness was his lack of defenses and lack of faith in his own skill.

Risotto's Attacks Were Impossible To Avoid & He Had Many Methods Of Protecting Himself

For the many talents of his Metallica Stand, Risotto's leadership of La Squadra was well-founded. He could push debilitating razor blades through his opponents' skin and cause unimaginable pain by manipulating the iron in their bodies. This attack would not only cause heinous damage, but it would also sap their ability to retaliate by draining their energy.

Furthermore, he was capable of self-defense, as his Stand enabled him to become invisible and reattach severed limbs. In the unlikely event that he is harmed, Risotto's uncanny healing abilities enable him to undo the damage.

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