Here's How You Can Watch Every Episode Of FLCL

Here's How You Can Watch Every Episode Of FLCL

The most defiant display of adolescence in anime is no longer adolescent. FLCL (short for "Fooly Cooly," a term that doesn't even mean anything) first aired 20 years ago this month, a raucous and anarchic six-episode series that rewrote the animation rulebook with its whirlpool of contemporary pop culture, sucking in and breaking apart all in its orbit including John Woo's "manly aestheticism," The Matrix's bullet time, and even the cliched It has a long-lasting impact on other cultural giants, such as Avatar: The Last Airbender and its sequel show The Legend of Korra.

Even two decades later, LCL stands out for its hyperactive, innuendo-laden, borderline incomprehensible narrative delivered through often abstract visuals. (Check it out on Hulu!) Since there were so many comparisons, the team translating the anime to English had a hard time keeping up with the plot, citing the strange and niche in-jokes that can be easily lost in translation.The series gained a cult following abroad after airing on Adult Swim in 2003, with repeat syndication in the channel's Toonami block in 2013 and again in 2018. It was co-created with writer Yji Enokido (also a veteran of Evangelion, Sailor Moon, and Revolutionary Girl Utena). Following the last transmission, the show made a surprising comeback in June 2018 with a second season and a third season, respectively dubbed FLCL: Progressive and Alternative, though building on the content and its sci-fi mythology yielded dwindling returns.

So you're interested in seeing Kazuya Tsurumaki and Yji Enokido's FLCL? Who are you to blame? It's cool, strange, and funky. It has all — Vespa scooters, bass guitar brutality, robot men, Galactic Space Police Brotherhoods — all the moving pieces that make a story infinitely rewatchable and, above all, relatable.

There are some compelling reasons to watch FLCL. Maybe you've been a fan since the show first aired two decades ago. Maybe you're looking for something different, and an original anime about a kid who gets brained by a left-handed bass sounds appealing. Perhaps you've just started working as a staff member on a new season of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and your boss, Giancarlo Volpe, has ordered that you buy FLCL and watch the whole series, which Thrillist says he did. The opportunities are limitless, but the resources seem to be scarce.

With that in mind, we've searched the web for the best places to watch the cult classic movie. It takes some finagling, but if you have the right subscription service and the right level of dedication, you could be streaming all of FLCL in minutes.

Watching FLCL is easy, understanding it is harder

First, the good news: If the first six episodes of FLCL weren't enough to satisfy you, you're in luck. Hulu now offers the entire first season as part of the standard kit, so you can watch it without any hassle.

It's a bit more difficult to keep up with the subsequent seasons. FLCL Progressive and Alternative are possible to watch on Hulu, but only with the Live TV update, which adds $64.99 to your monthly bill. Seasons 1 and 2 of YouTube TV are now available at the same time. You can still subscribe to SlingTV if you just want FLCL Alternative. Yes, it's $35 a month, but it includes unrestricted viewing of Gene Autry's 1943 classic Man From Music Mountain, so it's well worth it.

Having said that, you could simply bite the bullet and purchase the show outright. Specific episodes cost $2.99 on Amazon Prime Video, while full seasons cost $15 to $20. The benefit of this strategy is that FLCL will be yours indefinitely, ready for download onto your Kindle Fire or any gadget of your choice. The drawback is that Gene Autry isn't present. It's all about giving and taking in life.

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