Fairy Tail: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Mavis Vermillion

Fairy Tail: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Mavis Vermillion

Despite the fact that Mavis outlined her history to her guild's current members, there are a few aspects of her that are easily overlooked.
Mavis is the guild's original chief and one of the guild's members. Despite being stuck in a giant lacrima and in a death-like state, Mavis is able to use her magic to appear in front of her guild members. She provides advice, plans, and even the ability to use powerful magic to protect the group's members.
Despite the fact that she behaves and appears to be a girl, she can be serious when it comes to the safety of her comrades. Mavis had a fascinating life before Makarov Dreyar was born, and although she told the current members of her guild about it, there are a few details about her that are easily overlooked.

#10. She Had A Tough Childhood But Remained Positive

Mavis was forced to work to pay off the debts that her parents had accumulated from the Red Lizard guild after they died. She became their janitor, and the members treated her poorly. Despite the brutality of the treatment, she never shed a tear.

After the Red Lizard guild is attacked, she lived her life accompanied by a single person that she unknowingly created with her illusion magic. Thanks to the presence of her illusion, she was never lonely.

#9. She Has A Sharp Eye

Mavis has a knack for noticing items that others would overlook. Mavis does not panic when she and Yuri Dreyar are stuck in a magic circle by a member of the Blue Skull guild.
She easily discovers that one of the glyphs in the imprisonment magic is incorrect, and she confidently steps out of the circle. When Mavis first met Zeref, she was able to deduce what kind of magic he used, and the curse-like nature of said magic.

#8. She Never Discovered That She Had A Son

Mavis bore his child by some mysterious means after entering a death-like state from a mutual kiss with Zeref. Mavis had no idea she had a son when she finally came back to life.

August, their son, stayed by Zeref's side until he was old, but he never had the courage to inform his parents of his life. Before he dies, an illusion of him calls her Mother, but he disappears before she can see who is talking to her.

#7. Mavis Obtained Her Title As A Master Strategist Through War


Following the formation of the Fairy Tail guild, the Second Trade War erupted, in which feudal lords battled for control of the country's trading rights. As warriors, mercenaries and guild mages were included, making Mavis a reluctant participant.
Although those around her were aware of her keen intellect, she earned the title of Fairy Tactician after winning a major battle. She thought over her strategies so carefully that she came up with over 40 different plans that would help them achieve victory.

#6. Saving Her Friend Got Her Cursed Like Zeref

Ankhseram, the god of life and death, punished Zeref for studying and developing methods to bring someone back to life. He developed magic that allowed him to pass through time as well as magic that allowed him to revive the dead. As a result, he was doomed to live forever.
Furthermore, the more he thought for them, the more people died in his vicinity. Mavis was cursed in the same way because she used an insufficient version of Law to save Yuri, a spell that takes ten years to master. Despite the fact that she did not use forbidden magic, she received the same punishment.

#5. Her Friend Zera Becomes One Of The Fairies They Grew Up Hearing About

Mavis was enamored with fairies as a result of her parents' stories about them, and how they never approached crying children. She was fascinated by these tales and wished to meet a fairy.
She asked Yuri to take her to see fairies when she met him. The search for these fabled creatures was synonymous with grand adventures, and it was also the inspiration for Fairy Tail's name. At the end of the season, Zera is revealed to have transformed into a fairy, implying that she, like Mavis, had a happy ending.

#4. Mavis Named Makarov After A Prince She Read About

After a bloody war, Mavis became desensitized to the violence and numb to the number of deaths that had occurred. This made her curse to take the lives of the people around her remain dormant for a while.
Mavis, on the other hand, was asked to name Makarov when he was born. He was named after a character from a story she had read, and he reminded her of the importance of human life at this time. His mother dies as a result of the spell, causing Mavis to flee in terror.

#3. Mavis Is Good At Acting

Mavis had to be a natural actor in order to deceive others as a practitioner of illusory magic. Mavis exudes the faith of someone who has built something genuine and tangible when she uses her magic.
With her illusions, she has been able to scare a bartender and even create a compelling image of an army of soldiers. She pretended to have the upper hand the whole time, convincing nearly all of the Blue Skull members that the army was legitimate.

#2.She Modified Law To Fairy Law

Law was a black magic that Mavis learned from Zeref, intended to instantly defeat those that the user considers to be an enemy. Using an incomplete version of it can result in the user being cursed or killed.
Fairy Law is a step forward in the development of law because it reduces the negative effects of using it. Regrettably, magic is always intended to be a tool used only in the most desperate of situations. Using this spell takes some of the user's life, and the cost increases as the number of goals increases.

#1. Hiro Mashima Enjoyed Making Changes To Mavis' Story To Surprise The Readers

Mavis was supposed to be an elderly man, according to Hiro Mashima, the author of Fairy Tail. He changed Mavis' style when he realized it was a girl's name. In an interview, he said that he enjoys shocking his fans, who had not expected the creator to be a little girl.
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