Demon Slayer: 10 Facts You Didn't Know About Zenitsu

Demon Slayer: 10 Facts You Didn't Know About Zenitsu

Zanitsu is often depicted as a coward and a jerk, but here are ten facts about the notorious Demon Slayer character that fans might not know.

Zenitsu is revealed to be a coward who joins the Demon Slayer Corps for personal reasons despite his incredibly bright and almost jarring presence. The former Thunder Hashira becomes his master and teaches him the techniques of Thunder Breathing. Zenitsu is shown to be a slow learner and incompetent, but he is still faithful to his mates.

One of his most heinous character flaws is that he stalks and harasses every woman who pays him even the tiniest amount of attention. Fans forgive him for this aspect of his personality because he has redeeming qualities that make him likable. Fans who want to learn more about this character will find ten interesting facts about him below!

Details Regarding His Name

Zenitsu Agatsuma is Zenitsu's full name. Zenitsu means "goodness" in Japanese, while his surname means "my wife," according to the mangaka of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaibu. In an interview, the mangaka's creator said that "zen" should be emphasized less and "suu" should be emphasized more when pronouncing his name. In other words, the last syllable of his name is meant to be dragged out.

He has a great deal of admiration for his teacher.

Jigoro Kuwajima is the name of Zenitsu's master or sensei. Zenitsu was taught the ways of a Demon Slayer by him, who was a stern but kind guy. The young boy regarded him as a father figure and worked tirelessly to meet his sensei's needs. Jigoro was respected and appreciated by Zenitsu, and it was his feelings for him that helped him overcome his timidity.

The Reason Behind His Subconscious Combat

It has been shown that Zenitsu has a very distinct fighting style. Whenever he is in danger, he normally passes out due to intense cowardice, and his subconscious mind takes over and he fights like a pro when he is unconscious. This is because, in this state of mind, his body moves purely instinctively, indicating a high degree of swordsmanship.

He Invents His Own Breathing Technique

Zenitsu invents his own form, Honoikazuchi Nokami, which he calls the Seventh Form. He can conjure a creature that resembles a dragon and breathes thunder and fire in this form. When combined with God Speed, his power and strength increase, allowing him to fight demons from the Upper Moon Six such as Kaiju.

He Insults His Senpai

In the Dimensional Infinity Fortress arc, there is a manga-only incident. Zenitsu reunites with his long-lost senpai Kaigaku, only to discover that Kaigaku is no longer human and has become a demon. When Zenitsu realizes this, he denounces him as his senpai.

Zenitsu does not give in to his feelings as the demon provokes him by calling him a coward. He clearly responds calmly that Kaigaku had a lot of opinions for someone who just filled an empty slot in the lowest-ranked of the Upper Moons.

The Reason Behind Zenitsu's Master's Death

Zenitsu chastises Kaigaku for being the reason their sensei committed suicide in the same scene. It is then discovered that, as a result of Kaigaku's transformation into a demon, their master could no longer bear the guilt and committed seppuku, a painful and slow death. Kaigaku then goes on to chastise their sensei, referring to him as a senile old man.

He Possesses Hashira-Level Demon Slayer Abilities.

There have been many Demon Slayers throughout history, and among them are the highly esteemed Hashiras. They are well-known for their unique Breath styles and formidable combat skills. Zenitsu is one of the few non-Hashia Demon Slayers who has been able to equal the Hashiras' feats, such as developing his own Breathing form and slaying a demon with an ability level well beyond his own.

His Excellent Hearing Helps Him

Zenitsu's hearing is as acute as Tanjiro's. He can not only hear the movement of humans, ghosts, and animals from great distances, but he can also listen to people's thoughts if he concentrates hard enough.

This helps him to locate demons who are well hidden. Another unknown fact is that due to his acute hearing, he is also skilled at playing stringed instruments like koto and shamisen.

He Is Easily Frustrated With Tanjiro

Despite the fact that Tanjiro is a good friend of Zenitsu's, the latter is often irritated by the former's attitude. This is because Zenitsu sees what Tanjiro sees as courage as a suicide mission. Tanjiro not only finds himself in risky circumstances often, but his friends are often compelled to assist him in order to save his life, putting their own lives in jeopardy.

In The Manga, He Becomes Less Of A Bully.

Zenitsu is clearly a stalker and harasser of women in the anime, and he has no sense of personal space or consent. This is often played as a joke (shounen anime is notorious for normalizing abusive behaviors), but in the manga, this one defining characteristic of his fades away with each passing chapter   

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