Darling In The Franxx: Every Main Character, Ranked By Likability

Darling In The Franxx: Every Main Character, Ranked By Likability

Even the show's harshest detractors can't dispute that many of Darling In The Franxx's characters were ridiculously likable.

Despite the fact that it was only released in 2018, Darling In The Franxx quickly gained a following and is now one of the most successful mecha anime series, alongside Code Geass and Neon Genesis Evangelion. One of the most important factors in the show's success was the character Zero Two, who became the show's breakout star almost immediately.

Zorome: The Most Immature Member Of The Squad Also Happened To Be A Creep

Zorome was arrogant, cynical, rude, and argumentative, and he never missed an opportunity to demonstrate his dominance over his teammates. He would often ridicule, humiliate, or goad them for their errors, and he despised Hiro the most, to the point that he got into a physical altercation with him.

Zorome also showed a startling lack of respect for his female squad members’ privacy, as well as their rejection of his unwanted advances.

Miku: This Unapologetic Tsundere Was The Show's Least Popular Female Character

In anime, female tsundere are plentiful, particularly in harem or ensemble shows. She has an aloof demeanor, is always blunt and disrespectful to her peers, and responds violently when provoked, but she also has a kind side that she only reveals to her friends.

Although fans didn't have anything against her, the reality was that her character was a rather simple tsundere, the sort that had already been seen countless times in other (and much better) shows.

Ikuno: This Calm & Rational Girl Has A Surprising Soft Spot For Her Squad Members

Despite the fact that Ikuno tended not to socialize much with her crewmates, she displayed concern for their well-being on many occasions, including concern for the one person she despised the most – her partner Mitsuru.

She also struggled with her sexuality and gender identity as a result of her intense feelings for Ichigo, thanks to whom she eventually learns to befriend her squad members.

Mitsuru: This conceited young man eventually discovers what it means to really love another.

Mitsuru was best characterized by three words: cocky, proud, and pessimistic. Because of his aloof attitude, he disliked asking anyone for support and preferred to avoid his crewmates in order to indulge in his superiority complex.

However, after falling in love with Kokoro, he eventually changed his personality and attitude toward life, to the point that he decided to marry and have children with her because that was what she wanted.

Hiro: A Boy With Low Self-Esteem Ends Up Sacrificing His Life For Humanity’s Sake

Hiro had low self-esteem due to his inability to pilot a FranXX, but that changed the moment he met Zero Two. His outlook and life aspirations shifted dramatically as a result of her presence in his life, to the point that he sacrificed himself, along with Zero Two, so that their friends could have a better future.

The reason he isn’t high on this list is that despite being a good character, he made some very questionable choices that made many fans dislike him.

Ichigo: Hiro's love for Zero Two was eventually supported by this straight-laced squad leader.

Ichigo was initially suspicious of Zero Two as the squad's leader, partly due to a lack of knowledge about her and partly due to Hiro's attraction to her. She finally discovers that Hiro has true feelings for Zero Two after her attempt to separate him from Zero Two fails, and she accepts their relationship.

She also finds a romantic partner in Goro and by the end of the anime, she married him and was expecting her first child.

Kokoro: A Warm & Loving Girl Who Influenced Everybody Around Her In A Positive Manner

Kokoro was a kind, gentle, and caring person who was universally liked by her squad members. She, on the other hand, was always hesitant to express her views, especially negative ones, because she despised arguments and preferred to avoid confrontation at all costs.

Her outlook changed as a result of her many experiences with Mitsuru, who taught her that she needed to be more vocal about her feelings and assertive about the things she desired in her life. He eventually married her and they had four children together.

Goro: Despite His Feelings For Hiro, A Mature Boy Who Supported Ichigo's Love For Her.

Throughout the show, Goro is shown to be a supportive, selfless and considerate friend who was considered as the mood-maker among his squad members.

He prioritizes the lives of his parents, and when he discovers that his true love, Ichigo, has no romantic feelings for him, he does not hold it against her and continues to respect her and her feelings for Hiro. Ichigo, on the other hand, eventually reacts to his feelings and marries him.

Futoshi: Polite & Affable, Futoshi Was The One Friend That Everybody Loved Having In Their Lives

Futoshi is a kind and upbeat person who never lets his flaws or emotional baggage get in the way of his goals. He truly cares for his friends and has warm feelings for Kokoro.

After discovering Mitsuru's secret and their shared feelings for Kokoro, he backs off, respecting Kokoro's decision to be with the boy she adored. He eventually became one of the couple's best colleagues.

Zero Two: This Hybrid Girl Stole The Show From The Moment She Appeared On Screen

On the surface, this klaxo-sapien hybrid seemed to be content and carefree, but she was actually volatile, ill-tempered, and assertive, always giving in to her feral impulses and acting solely on her sharp instincts.

Despite having a tumultuous relationship with Hiro, it was her enigmatic background and eccentric appearance that made her the most famous (and liked) character on the show right away.

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