Can The Ending Of Attack on Titan Manga Be A Happy Ending?

Can The Ending Of Attack on Titan Manga Be A Happy Ending?

Manga Attack on Titan chap 139 has officially released and another legendary series has officially closed. So can the ending of the final chapter be considered a happy ending or not?

Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga written by Isayama Hajime. In Vietnam, the manga is copyrighted by TVM Comics and released under the name Dai War Titan based on the English title. The story is set when all humanity must live behind walls built in case the Titan cannibals. Eren Yeager is the main protagonist of the series, after the attack of the destroyed Titans creating a hole in the protective wall vows to kill all of the Titan after witnessing a Titan destroy the house and eat his mother. me.

Attack on Titan has been serialized in Kodansha's Bessatsu Shounen since September 2009 and has been published in 32 volumes until September 2020.

Attack on Titan has had huge sales success: as of December 2019, the manga has sold more than 100 million copies worldwide and has won numerous awards such as the Kodansha Comic Awards, the Micheluzzi Awards, and Harvey Prize.

Up to now, chapter 139 is also the last chapter of Attack on Titan manga that has been released. After reading and completing the series, fans divided into two contradictory comments, one side said that the ending of Attack on Titan is the happiest ending and the most reasonable, the other disagree and not accept such an ending.

The ending of Attack on Titan is not a happy ending or a bad ending, the "half ending" will be a comment to the ending of this manga. It can be seen that the author Attack on Titan tried to build a touching ending and left a strong impression on viewers. His goal that hasn't changed since he started composing Attack on Titan is to create a sad ending and make the fans suffer. In the end, he managed to make the main character slaughter 80% of the world's population and let Eren die under the blade of his loved one. Perhaps it will be a painful ending and bad ending as the author has revealed without the last chapter, when this chapter is too bright and meaningful compared to the final developments of the series. And finally we have a "half ending", Eren dies, many other characters have to die, but the surviving characters enjoy a happy and happy life. It is hard to understand what the author wants to convey, when he could have made a better ending when reviving Eren or even a real bad ending when the world is lived in peace. But the characters still have to live in torment, that really makes fans remember this manga. 

Perhaps with the ending of Attack on Titan, it is not a bad ending or happy ending, it is simply a half ending and not complete for the work.

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