Black Clover: [SPOILER]’s Death Is The Reason The Black Bulls Exist

Black Clover: [SPOILER]’s Death Is The Reason The Black Bulls Exist

Morgen's sincere light brightened the darkness within Yami and Nacht in Black Clover Chapter #287.

The Black Clover chapter #287, "Day of Atonement," confirms Nacht's transformation into Morgen and explains why Yami formed the Black Bulls brigade. Morgen's life had such an influence on him and Nacht that it changed their perspectives on life. Morgen's magical affinity was Light, and he represented the idea of getting people out of the shadows.

Morgen was the Faust family's black sheep. Nonetheless, his untimely death inspired the formation of the Black Bulls, which in turn inspired Nacht's mission to disguise himself as an undercover mage. Here are some of the main moments in Morgen's relationship with Nacht and Yami, as well as how his life inspired the current fight against the devils, as illustrated in the most recent chapter.

The vice-captain of the Black Bulls is still alive because of Morgen's love for Nacht and his confidence in Nacht's good heart. Mogen was aware that his family was dabbling in forbidden devil magic, but he wanted to wait until the attempt to summon Lucifugus forced his hand. In the art of devil magic, Nacht was a master,but Lucifugus was too powerful, and Morgen sacrificed his life to protect his older twin brother.

Morgen's death had a bigger impact on Nacht than he expected, and it happened simply because Morgen was a good and fair person who never judged Nacht's behaviour. Nacht came to a realization after seeing an innocent and caring person die in the arms of a deceitful and shallow-minded person. Morgen’s death was Nacht’s ultimate regret. Now, he is atoning for his failure to protect his brother by protecting others at the cost of his own life.

Yami, like Nacht, was an outcast before being shown the way of the Magic Knights by Morgen. Yami and Nacht were the initial troublemakers, but Morgen's piercing light encouraged Yami to join the Grey Deer brigade once more. Among the Magic Knights, Yami and Morgen formed a dynamic duo, and once again, the synthesis of light and dark triumphed over everything else. Yami's decision to form his own brigade was most likely influenced by a discussion he had with Morgen about forming one together. Knowing Yami, he most likely offered Morgen the captaincy, but Morgen chose vice-captain instead, prompting Yami to give the role to Nacht.

The way they dealt with Morgen's death and paid tribute to his spirit was for Yami to form his own magic brigade and Nacht to become its vice-captain. Morgen extended his hand to help Yami when he was a young delinquent, and Yami takes in other outcasts from magical society. Yami didn't pass judgment on people based on their supernatural powers, but rather on their hearts and spirits.

Nacht claims to despise Yami, but he despises greedy evil even more. Nacht's hatred for Yami stems from the fact that he coerced him to become the vice-captain of a mystical brigade, which goes against everything he believed in before Morgen's death. Taking on Mogen's appearance and operating in the shadows may have been a precaution to keep him safe from other knights searching for Faust family survivors.

Morgen's death had an effect on both Yami and Nacht, but it was necessary to end the devil hazard. Asta would never have had the chance to test his magical limits under the watchful eye of a strong captain if it hadn't been for the Black Bulls. Also, if it hadn't been for Yami's faith in Nacht, he wouldn't have been willing to pursue his study on devil magic without interruption. Asta would never have been able to understand and shape a good devil union with Liebe if it hadn't been for Yami or Nacht. Yami was Morgen, and Nacht was the sun. They were able to share their own light with others in the Black Bulls brigade after his death.
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