10 Things We Want To See In Season 5 Of My Hero Academia

10 Things We Want To See In Season 5 Of My Hero Academia

Fans of My Hero Academia are still clamoring for season 5 now that the fourth season has ended. Fans will have to wait for it for at least a year, but at least it will be of higher quality.

Fans can at least look forward to the possibilities that await them in the upcoming season as they wait. What plot points and incidents will take place, as well as which characters will appear, are only a couple of the items to anticipate. Let's take a look at what we'd like to see in season 5.

Dabi Name Reveal

This one seems to be the least likely of all the entries on this list to happen in Season 5, but it never hurts to hope. He said he was going by the name "Dabi" now when he was first introduced, suggesting that it wasn't his real name. Dabi's true identity was only recently exposed in the manga, but only to Hawks; the rest of the audience remains in the dark.

The main reason people want Dabi's name revealed is to confirm a common fan theory that Dabi is Toya Todoroki, the Todoroki family's missing eldest child. It's a stretch to believe it'll happen in the upcoming season, but even a whisper of his real name will delight fans.

UA Traitor

Since the League of Villains had so much knowledge about UA, the faculty was convinced that one of their own, whether a teacher or a student, was a traitor. It was a big breakthrough, but it has since faded into obscurity.

Season 5 seems to be the right time to revisit this plot point. With All Might's retirement, society is undergoing a huge transformation. UA will have a tough time dealing with a traitor in these turbulent times as it is. If not a complete reveal, at the very least an acknowledgement that this side plot has not gone unnoticed.

Focus On Secondary Characters

The emphasis shifted to some of the secondary characters in Season 4, especially Kirishima and Jiro. During his work research with pro hero Fat Gum, Kirishima faced his doubts about becoming a good hero, and Jiro deals with a difficult personal problem when coordinating Class 1-A's musical performance for the school festival.

Those were some of the best moments in a season full of them, and the trend could continue in season 5. Focusing on secondary characters not only adds depth to the plot, but it also helps to fill out the setting.

More Of Eri Being Happy

The heroes spent the first half of season 4 doing all they could to save Eri from Kai Chisaki, aka Overhaul, who was constantly dismembering and reassembling Eri in order to exploit her Quirk for his warped ideals. Eri tragically forgot how to smile as a result of all of her suffering.

Eri was eventually able to smile again thanks to Midoriya and Mirio's assistance. It was the purest form of happiness, and hopefully there would be more of Eri's happiness in Season 5.


Season 4 saw the introduction of the latest number two hero, Hawks, a young hotshot. He embodies everything a top-tier hero should be. He's well-liked, charismatic, and has a long list of achievements, but there's something about him that doesn't feel quite right.

A young Hawks can be seen blindfolded, being trained to use his quirk by men in suits, most likely government officers, during the end credits of Season 4's second half. There's more to Hawks than meets the eye, and season 5 will hopefully reveal it.

One For All History

One For All, the Quirk passed down to Midoriya from All Might, is still a mystery. It's a Quirk that gets passed down and gets better over time, and Midoriya is able to communicate with some, though not all, of its previous users. That's pretty much what there is to know about it.

The final scene of season 4 saw Midoriya tap into the memories of One For All, where he saw the previous users and left viewers with more questions that want answered in season 5

League Of Villains

For the majority of Season 4, the League of Villains took a back seat. To be sure, they had their moments, but they weren't the main villains this time.

 Hopefully, in Season 5, everything will improve. The League of Villains appears to be ready to make some moves, or rather is already making moves, as shown by Dabi's release of the High End Nomu this season, but it appears they'll be a big player part of the next season.

Endeavor's Character Arc

Fans have not forgotten how poorly Endeavor treated his kin, even though he is now the number one hero. Endeavor is a complex character who aspires to be the most powerful hero while abusing his wife and children.

But if the end of season 4 demonstrated anything, it's that he's trying to make a change and turn his life around. Whether he deserves it or not, it will be an interesting story arc in season 5.

Gentle & La Brava

The villainous duo of Gentle and La Brava had a hit-or-miss relationship with viewers, but there's no denying that their story connected with Midoriya and the series' themes.
Hopefully, they'll return in Season 5, particularly after their story ended with the authorities allowing them to turn their lives around, so they could even appear on the positive side.


She only appeared on screen for a few seconds in the anime, but she is already idolized by all and their mothers. Mirko, also spelled Miruko, is the fifth most famous hero on the charts, and she's just what bunny waifu fans have been waiting for.

 Despite the fact that she was not seen in action during the previous season, her appearance at the end of the season ensures that she will return in the following season, inevitably causing fans to love her even more.


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