10 Things To Look For In Season 4 Of Haikyuu!!

10 Things To Look For In Season 4 Of Haikyuu!!

Haikyuu!, a famous volleyball anime, is returning to television. Although the season is still in its early stages, here are ten things to keep an eye on in "To the Top."

The famous volleyball anime Haikyuu!! will return to the small screen after a very long hiatus. Ever since the painfully short--but still good--third season chronicling Karasuno High School's match against Shiratorizawa Academy back in October - December of 2016, season four is finally upon us.

Season 4 will have a split cour (or chunk of episodes) of 25 episodes, with the second cour (or chunk of episodes) premiering in July of this year. The fourth season, Haikyuu!! To the Top, has been out for a few weeks and is clearly still in the planning stages. However, preparation is both beneficial and essential.

Shoyo is being left in the dust by Kageyama.

Tobio Kageyama has been firmly identified as one of the series' main characters since the beginning of the manga, as well as the anime adaptation of Haruichi Furudate's Haikyuu!! series. This is partly to give Shoyo Hinata a serious competitor. And rightly so, since Kageyama is a volleyball prodigy at the setter spot.

At least one character in the series has referred to him as a "genius" volleyball player. He is, at least in the anime, the main reason Shoyo looks good as a player at all. Now that Kageyama has been invited to the All-Japan youth training camp, he has the potential to expand the ability gap.

Shoyo Facing The Reality That He's Not Good Enough Individually Yet

To build on a previous argument, Shoyo Hinata is currently only useful to Karasuno High School as a volleyball player due to Tobio Kageyama's tremendous talents as a setter in the anime. Kageyama's pin-point tosses account for the majority of Shoyo's points in tournaments. Though Shoyo is more than capable of finishing most of Kageyama's throws, he struggles without  Kageyama playing on the court.

Shoyo did, however, put in a decent showing with Sugawara as a setter in an early series match against Aobajohsai High. He's already begun to accept this fact after Shiratorizawa's coach told him flat out that he's useless without Kageyama. We'll see if he remembers this and uses it to better himself.

Shoyo Forming His Own Player Identity Apart From Kageyama

The possibility that Shoyo will begin to establish his own volleyball identity separate from Kageyama's is the logical next move from the previous entry. He'll have to do this, as one would imagine, if he wants to change in some way.

He won't be on the same team as Kageyama indefinitely, so he'll have to capitalize on his individual strengths—which he already has—as soon as possible if he wants to close the skill gap with Kageyama.

Getting To Know Even More Powerful Players

This is a foregone conclusion, but it's worth keeping an eye on as the season progresses. Over the course of the series, we have been introduced to characters such as Oikawa (who, along with his respective school, was one of the early obstacles Shoyo and the rest of Karasuno had to overcome), Kuroo, Kenma, Ushijima, and Bokuto, and more

As the series--and season four specifically--progresses, we will be introduced to more players like Kiyoomi Sakusa (Kageyama met him on his way to the training camp) and Atsumu Miya.

The Build-Up To The "Garbage Dump War"

The fact that the Karasuno High School volleyball team's biggest competitor is Nekoma High School's volleyball team is another plot point introduced early in the season. Karasuno, on the other hand, seldom plays or defeats them in games due to the distance between the two schools and the skill difference between the two teams from previous years.

The majority of their encounters are practice matches, as we see in the first season when Nekoma defeats them. We could see more build-up toward the climactic "Fight at the Garbage Dump" now that both teams have advanced to the next stage of their respective competitive season's tournaments.

Kageyama Inching Closer To Professional Volleyball

While both Tobio Kageyama and Shoyo Hinata are still in the early stages of their high school careers, professional sports may be hinted at, at least in the case of Kageyama. Kageyama possesses the natural talent, technique, and abilities needed to progress toward his dream of becoming a professional volleyball player.

After all, he took his next big step toward that presumed goal when he got invited to and ultimately joined the All-Japan youth training camp, gathering the best volleyball players from Japan.

Karasuno's Next Big Opponent

This will inevitably come to fruition as the next arc in the Haikyuu!! series. As the fourth season continues, Karasuno High School will compete in their next tournament. This connects to the previous entry about the build-up to Karasuno and Nekoma's "Fight at the Garbage Dump."

Even More Character Development For Tsukishima

Since the beginning of the series, Tsukishima has shown a lot of growth as a character. He seemed to be yet another competitor and jerk for Shoyo and Kageyama to learn to deal with after the character's introduction. After all is said and done, he's still a jerk. However, we've heard a lot more about him as a character and volleyball player since season two.

Tsukishima began to develop as a player after being mentored by higher-up students Kuroo and Bokuto. All of this resulted in a spectacular display against Shiratorizawa. Look for more character building for this asshole now that he's been invited to the first-years' training camp.

There will be more opportunities for the Karasuno Third-Years to shine in the future.

For obvious reasons, the third-year students at Karasuno, Daichi, Asahi, and Sugawara, value this competitive season of Karasuno High School's volleyball team. Since the beginning of the manga and anime series, they've each played an important role in the team's unprecedented rise to powerhouse status.

Daichi is a capable captain who lends his expertise and leadership to the team on the field. Sugawara steps in to mix things up when the Kageyama and Shoyo combination is having trouble. Asahi is the team's "ace" player, of course. Since this is their last opportunity to make a huge splash, expect some big moments from these three.

A Potential Announcement For Season 5 At The End

Since the fourth season, To the Top, has just begun, this one could be a long shot. And, given that it is only on its second of 25 series, it is unlikely to end too soon. As previously mentioned, this will be a split-season, with the second half of the episodes premiering in July of this year.

However, since the manga is well ahead of the anime, we know there will be more if Production I.G chooses to continue. Also, we know that anime studios have been announcing the existence of a sequel right after, or relatively soon after, the conclusion of a season of their respective anime. It's possible that Season 5 will be revealed right after, or shortly after, the conclusion of Season.


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